At Unnati we want to promote social equality, fair trade, ethical production, local consumption and environmental conservation. These values represent us and unite us with our customers, since by purchasing our products they give strength to an ethical and fair economy.

For these reasons our values are based on:

→ Commitment: we are committed to people and the planet, we understand sustainability as a transversal axis in our business with the aim of making fashion more sustainable.

→ Consistency: We move from the conviction and security that our roots give us. That's why we grow with consistency to our values, proud to do what we do, the way we do it. We love to tell you who we are and why we want to dress you. It is a matter of love for our work and vocation to please you day by day.

→ Transparency: we want to explain what we do and how we do it with a commitment to go beyond legal compliance.

→ Authenticity: We are sincere and believe in the value of our word. That's why we are demanding with the results: we want you to come to love each of the Unnati garments as if they were part of yourself, and to enjoy wearing them.

→ Trust: Attention to those people with whom we relate so that they have the firm assurance that we do what is expected of us.

→ Job well done: Commitment to quality understood as work aimed at satisfying the needs and expectations of those to whom it is directed, seeking personal growth and generating, at all times, maximum benefits for everyone.


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