Our origins are in the Born, Barcelona's most Bohemian and Mediterranean. Was in 2002 when we first share our commitment and desire to seduce through our clothing. From Barcelona, we expand ourselves to Mataro and then Osona. Somehow, there we found the atmosphere we required to complete our inspiration and to give you everything of us. We live the present. That is why we are still focused on moving forward as we have been doing: challange to challange, collection after collection.

Thanks for joining us in this exciting journey.


We weave complicities for a sustainable world

We are passionate about fashion, quality and small details. At Unnati we believe in the transformative power that garments have on the wearer. We would like you to fall in love with our pieces and enjoy wearing them. That is why we ensure to make unique and specific collections. We enjoy to know that there are only a few units of each model in the world and that each piece will have its place in your wardrobe.

At Unnati we believe in responsibility towards people and the planet. In the fashion sector, like many other sectors, we are immersed in a process of transformation to become more sustainable. Sustainability is a broad concept that encompasses everything from environmental impact to social responsibility, from the design of the garments to the distribution to the stores, including the suppliers we work with.

That is why we undertake the following commitments:
• Work to continuously improve the sustainability of our products and Unnati brand beyond legal compliance.
• Buy and sell at a fair price for all parties involved, from the supplier to the end customer.
• Design inclusive products for different audiences, regardless of size and age.
• Ensure respect for human rights and the well-being of workers throughout our supply chain.
• Use natural raw materials that respect the environment and people, such as cotton, linen and natural pigments.
• Do not use chemical substances that may pose a risk to workers, customers or the environment.
• Reduce the emissions derived from the transport of the products through its optimization.
• Not using plastic throughout the supply chain or in our stores, by using compostable and cotton bags, paper and cardboard packaging and clothing items.
• Produce high-quality clothing made from natural materials, as a sign of durability and responsibility.
• Raise awareness among our customers to extend the life of clothing and move towards a circular and sustainable economy.
• Support the Mediterranean, urban and local trade model, involved in the life our towns and cities.
• Collaborate with recognized social entities through clothing donations.

We apply this Policy on a daily basis and in all areas of our company. The social, economic and environmental challenges we face are today more urgent than ever and that is why we integrate sustainability as a transversal issue in our business, a path that we must walk together in search of a fairer and environmentally-friendly society.


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